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Bathroom Renovations

We are specialists in bathroom renovations. We use the best waterproofing products for -your bathroom, we use brands such as Schluter Systems, Go-board, Hydro-board. Each one adjusts to the client's budget. You will never have to worry about water intrusion behind your walls.

Kitchen Renovations

We are exclusive distributors of the ProCraft Kitchens brand here in the city. We offer
design and installation of kitchen and bathroom furniture; we can also adjust your
cabinets to your preferences.

Fine Carpentry

Our carpenters are true craftsmen in the installation of Crown Moldings, Baseboards, Chair Railing, Wainscoting, Windows Valances, etc. with more than 20 years of experience in carpentry.


Our professional painter is the most perfectionist in her field, she has extensive experience in interior painting and renovation of kitchen furniture, giving an elegant touch to your walls and furniture.

Complete Home Renovations

Our Team is prepared to do the complete renovation of your home. We have plumbers,
electricians, carpenters, painters, floor installers, etc. We have local suppliers for all
your materials at a very good price

Fences and Decks Installation

We are experts designing and installing fences and decks. We only use treated wood
and we put a layer of wood protector on the decks so that they last much longer.

Floor Installation

Our main installer is an expert in the installation of vinyl, wood, and laminate floors. With
more than 25 years of experience in the field, he takes care of all the details in the
installation of his floors.

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